How Will Your Brand Tell A Story?

Brand Storytelling is an art form that every brand should master. In today’s world it not enough to just have a product that’s competitively priced. Your brand needs more. This is where you’ll need to implement your brand storytelling mojo. Everyone loves a story!

Matter of fact if you take a look at luxury brands one of the major component to their branding strategies is telling the story about their beginnings. The history of how the brand was born and how it became the behemoth that it is today. You don’t have to be a luxury brand to utilize this strategy. So naturally the next question is how do you master brand storytelling?

Here’s a 3 prong model that’s simple to use

Problem: What problem did your brand see in the market?

Solution: How did your business solve the problem?

Success: Be proud of your brand’s journey and success.  

Bonus Tips:

Keep It Simple

Consumers don’t have the time to read through paragraphs and paragraphs of content. We are all trained to get our information the quickest way possible. When you’re creating the story make sure that it’s simple and not convoluted.

Customers Are Buying Into Your Story

When customers make a purchase they are in fact falling in love with part of your story or your entire story. So it’s not enough to just have a product, it's the art form of the storytelling that’s crucial. This is also where you want to create a tribe of followers for your brand. Sharing is a must!

Get Your People To Share

As a brand you want people to share your story. There’s nothing more powerful than the word of mouth. So your first advocates for your brand will be your employees. Encourage them to share their pictures or experiences about the business. Employees will be your original “tribe” members.

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