3 Questions Every Brand Needs To Answer

The concept of brand personality is something that is very relevant in today’s world. The consumer wants to feel like they’re connecting to brands in a human way. Even though you may be tweeting or posting, customers still want to feel like there’s a real person behind all that.

Before you can even start building a brand personality you not only need to identify your core values as a brand but also address these three very basic questions. The answers to these questions will give you a clear direction. Every brand needs to have a strong starting point in order to thrive. The starting point will be your guiding post when your brand is looking to rebrand itself as well.


The customer has to know what they are getting from you. In order to answer this you may need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Your proposition has to be crystal clear. A great example is Disney. Their proposition to their customers is family fun so every aspect of their...

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