Oh Snap! It's Content Marketing

There’s this lull whisper out there in the digital universe around content marketing. I mean, everywhere you turn there’s someone talking about it’s importance in weaving it into your marketing strategy. Yes it is a must these days, especially since information is a sought after commodity worldwide. In almost anything we do from purchasing to dieting there is a good amount of time spent on researching. 

We want to know what others say about a business or product. We have this insatiable need to hear about the experience of total strangers. Somehow it’s actually applauded if we contribute to the greater good of  social sharing, where it has become a norm. 

So how do you create great content? Anyone can type a few words onto a blog and post it to the worldwide web. Great content is nominated as great because it provides not just information but also something that we can learn about. When creating content keep in mind your audience who’s...

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Create A Brand Personality Like a Rockstar

Have you ever wondered how rockstars seem to always have this flair for creating a personality that is magnetic? It seems like it just comes off so naturally doesn’t it? Well it’s because they are authentic to who they are. As brands we get to create the same personality but it takes deciding. You are the creator of your brand voice!

Brand personality is the emotion that it will evoke among it’s customers and in turn it becomes associated with that brand. The persona you create should reflect your audience. Don’t confuse your brand personality with brand identity. There’s a distinctive difference here. Brand identity is the colors, logos, visuals, topography or any form of communication you will use in conjunction to reinforce your personality.

Pick An Emotion

Before you jump into this blindly, make sure you do a bit of soul searching. Understand who your brand really is. Most brands will fall into 1 of 5 personalities (or the opposite of): sincerity,...

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Declutter Your Brand

It’s that time of year where we’re all doing the mad dash for that exquisite beach bod. Any quick diet to shed the pounds and forgo the intense workouts is always a viable go to remedy. Brands are no different, as summer fast approaches it’s time to declutter and check in.

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