Why Your Brand Will Fail to Launch

Brands big and small all dream about engaging throngs of customers who will absolutely love their products or services. These customers will be clamoring at the doors, waiting in line just to work with your brand and they’re willing to pay any amount of money just to be in your breathing space. It’s a great dream but unfortunately not the reality!

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Do Branding Like The Luxury Brands

Do you ever wonder why luxury brands have die-hard fans willing to pay exorbitant prices for their products? Many say it’s because of the outstanding customer service while others might argue it’s about the quality of their products. What if I told you that it’s about all that and more! Luxury brands exude this sense of belonging to an exclusive club tailored just for you- the customer. This kind of strategy isn’t by accident. These brands are very deliberate and precise in the methodology they present to you.

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Create A Brand Personality Like a Rockstar

Have you ever wondered how rockstars seem to always have this flair for creating a personality that is magnetic? It seems like it just comes off so naturally doesn’t it? Well it’s because they are authentic to who they are. As brands we get to create the same personality but it takes deciding. You are the creator of your brand voice!

Brand personality is the emotion that it will evoke among it’s customers and in turn it becomes associated with that brand. The persona you create should reflect your audience. Don’t confuse your brand personality with brand identity. There’s a distinctive difference here. Brand identity is the colors, logos, visuals, topography or any form of communication you will use in conjunction to reinforce your personality.

Pick An Emotion

Before you jump into this blindly, make sure you do a bit of soul searching. Understand who your brand really is. Most brands will fall into 1 of 5 personalities (or the opposite of): sincerity,...

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